Casino Slots Games Complete Data

From the time of the first slot machine invention many changes happened in this gambling sphere and nowadays there exists a great variety of casino slots games. On the initial stage of the slots machine development there were only three-reel-classics with two main options:

  1. Place the coin and push the lever.
  2. Don't play at all.

Nowadays there is a great variety of different slots machines types and we are ready to help you to orientate in them.

Casino Slots Games Types

  • Three-reel-classic slots machine has 3 columns of symbols and 3 visible rows (only one of them - the central one - is a pay line).
  • Five Reel Slots. It looks like the previous one, but is bigger in its size and has 5 columns. There remains also only one pay line in the center. Only some 5-reel slots have several pay lines, so the gambler should check slots information very carefully. There is no need to get the combination of 5 same symbols to win the prize. The winning is considered to be the combination of the 3 symbols in a row from the left side. The pay line usually starts from the left side almost in all slots machines. If it happens to the gambler to receive the combination of 5 symbols of the same meaning, the prize is quite generous. It is recommended to choose slots of this type for gamblers seeking for big jackpots.
  • Video Slots. This slots type changed the old mechanical slots machine to electronic ones. They offer players many new options and make gambling activity easier and more exciting. They have many pay lines in comparison with listed above variants and the gamblers have the opportunity to choose out of many configurations (including diagonals).

Video slots also offer the gamblers one more pleasant surprise - the wild symbol. It is a special sign, peculiar to each game, which help to finish your winning combination. For example, if you have 4 identical symbols in a row, the wild symbols in this combination will be considered the sane as the others.

  • Bonus Slots offer gamblers the bonus game with the requirement to spin the particular combination and gives the opportunity to:
    1. Win additional sum of money.
    2. Get free extra spins.
    3. Win jackpot.
  • Progressive Slots. This is a kind of casino slots games, which gives gamblers the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. The jackpot amount grows with each payment to the slots machine and usually it is very huge sum.

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