Roulette Table Layout

Every roulette player can place a bet on the table. The rules are simple, and the betting opportunities are huge. However, the difference between players is given by inspiration, and there are also some strategies that are applied by the best roulette players. If you want to become one of the best online players, you must take those strategies and adapt them to your playing style.

Money management

The most important strategy for every online casino game (including roulette) implies a good money management strategy. Placing a single bet on "0" with all your bankroll is not a strategy; it is a foolish approach to the roulette game. In fact, this is the simplest method to end e meteoric roulette career, as many beginner players are forcing their luck with this kind of bet.

Don't lose more than 10 percent of your bankroll. If you have 1000 dollars at the beginning and you lose 100 of them on a single day, call it a bad day and leave the table. You will surely recover that money tomorrow, but for the moment, it is better to chill out. First, you won't be able to think straight with that huge loss on your mind. In addition, the casino might also have a 'problem with you. Yes, it happens, sometimes a casino wants to take a huge portion of a player's bankroll.

Stick with the initial plan. If you proposed yourself to win 100 dollars on a single night, end the game as soon as you earn that money. Even if you are on a winning spree and you feel you can do better, you will certainly make some mistakes. Again, the human factor can't be neglected, as you won't be able to think straight with the adrenaline in your blood.

Strategies on the roulette table

Look at the roulette table for a while. Try to think as one with it. Try to cover it with your bets without risking too much money. Yes, this is possible, as long as you are covering all the possibilities. For instance, if you placed bets on 7, 11, 17, and 23, a bet placed on even numbers is useless. As you already have 4 of the 18 odd numbers covered, it might be a good idea to place a bet on odd numbers or on high numbers (18 to 36).

This is called covering the roulette table layout and gives increased winning chances to the player. Think about it: if 6 is the winning number, you will lose all the individual number bets, but you will win the bet placed on odd numbers.

The anticipation strategy

This is a simple but effective method. "0" is usually the most "successful" number on the roulette. If "0" is not the winning number for 20 rounds, it will surely win soon. Therefore, placing a bet on this number is a good idea for a few rounds.

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Roulette Table Layout

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