Roulette Sites

It is commonly known amongst the best online players that casinos are specially designed only for a certain kind of game. Therefore, if you find the perfect poker game on some casino, it will surely have some problems with the roulette or the blackjack game on the same site. Here is a short list of the best casino sites for roulette, as well as the bonuses and jackpots available for those games.

Vegas Technology Roulette Games

Sure, Microgaming is the best software developer when it comes to slots. However, in the area or roulettes, every established casino is looking for a Vegas Technology featured game. Those roulette engines will not only look great, but they will also create the perfect balance between the casino margin and the player's incomes. Grand Vegas Casino is one of the best website hosting Vegas Technology roulette, and it is surely the best meeting place for all the roulette passionate players.

However, if you are at the beginning of your roulette career, Rushmore Casino is surely the site to try. The site is packed with tutorials and movies, and also with some interesting downloadable guides and strategies. Don't neglect other casinos such as VIP Slots and Silver Dollar, as you will surely find some interesting features there.

Responsible roulette gambling

Unfortunately, the name of roulette is connected with the biggest scams in the casino's history. A poker game can only be rigged with some secret pact between players or between a player and a dealer; therefore the other players easily discover it. It is a lot easier to rig a roulette table, and the magnets are the simplest materials that can be used. The magnets will attract the ball only in a certain area of the roulette. Sure, the ball won't fall only on a certain number, but it will surely fall on 4 or 5 neighbored slots at most. Again, this scam can be discovered after a while; therefore, the casinos using this cheating technique will move the magnets to some other parts of the wheel after a while.

How to avoid casino roulette scamming

The simplest method to avoid being cheated by the real casinos is to sign up for one of those established roulette sites. You will have access to the signup bonuses that are not available online, you could be certain of security, as independent authorities constantly check the online casinos. Moreover, the casinos are obliged to give you a decent winning chance. The real roulette can't guarantee you this, as theoretically the ball could stop on the "0" slots for a thousand times. In addition, you could become a VIP or a Platinum player on those sites, so you could attend some high tournaments and competitions.

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