1. We are not responsible or we shall never be responsible for the consequences that can be happen by your use of the services or products of our area of service.
  2. If the restriction rules of our service said that there will be certain consequences that can't be controlled then you will not blame us for those consequences and we will never be liable for any of that harm or consequence.
  3. If you want the warranty or guarantee for any materials of this casino, then we will remind you that we never provide any warranty or guarantee for any of our service or product unless exceptional product or service that we specially offer to our users with warranty or guarantee.
  4. We will not be responsible for those bets that are made by using your 4 digits personal PIN number, security number of 6 digits and also with your password. We give these numbers to you for personal use only and if you give this numbers to another person then you will be liable for any problem with these numbers. If any bet make by your PIN number, security number and password then we will assume that this bet is made by you and we will never heard about any problem with that bet.
  5. If the provided information of the player is not correct or the player makes any mistake then this website can disclose the player's account and no other player can open an account with the address, number or other personal specifications of that player.
  6. When, there will be a dispute about our services and products, and then you must know that we are the highest authority for the dispute, you must obey the result of the dispute by us and you can't cause other dispute outside the casino website.
  7. The employees, staffs, partners and anyone related with this online casino and also their family members can't use the products and services of this casino and they are not eligible to play and bet on any of the casino games of this website.
  8. If this casino finds out that you are not following the terms and rules of the casino then the casino owner can disqualify you from any winnings that you have earned by placing bets and winning games.
  9. If any technical failure happens or if you lose your game for the problem of the software then all your bets will be paused and we will not be responsible for anything at all. If other results happen for failure then you can play games unless a legal result come out or we will give your betting amount back.

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