Online vs Regular 21

Although the basic rules of blackjack are basically the same, there are some variations of this game available on certain sites. The variations are given by different number of cards, the numbers of allowed splits and even by the number of players allowed. If you want to become the real guru of blackjack, you will have to study all those games before choosing the one suited on your playing style.

The Bonus deck Blackjack

This version of blackjack is based on the European version of the game called 21, and it is played with two sets of cards. While this means increased chances for the player, it also means that the house has more opportunities to beat the player.

You will have eight Aces, and also 16 different Royal Cards. Some players are forgetting this aspect and they are losing important money during the process. It is recommended to try this version free for a week or two before going for real money. During this time, you will be familiarized with the moves of the dealer, so you could create a strategy that will bring you constant winnings.

The European Blackjack

This is the first version of Blackjack ever played. The origins of blackjack are lost somewhere in the medieval Spain, as the game was called 21 back then. The rules are described in some old books, but they are somewhat different from the blackjack of our times. The Royal Cards are valued at 10, two decks are used for this game, and the Blackjack will beat any other combination.

You can request a hit if your sum is lower than 17, but usually, in the online casinos, the dealer usually win. Fortunately for the player, the options to "drop," "stand" or 'double" are also available, so the overall advantage of the house is reduced to 1.5 %. This is a pretty good percentage, considering the overall 2 % advantage of the dealer on the usual blackjack.

Multiplayer blackjack

The majority of blackjack players will only try to beat the dealer, neglecting the fact that the usual table also has other players. In fact, a large number of players will surely be beneficial for you as an established player. Why? Because the house will get its earnings for those players, therefore you will have increased opportunities to win. Here is the detailed strategy to win on multiplayer blackjack:

Choose a roulette table with many beginners. Enter as a guest and watch the table for more than three or four hands. If the house is winning some serious money for those first hands, it is time to enter the game. The house already got its earnings; therefore, it has some money to dispose. Sure, the winnings will be divided between the current players, but you will also have your chance.

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Online vs Regular 21