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Until some time ago, gambling was prohibited everywhere in Canada. The players were forced to sign up with fake accounts, while betting in real casinos was out of the question. However, the authorities of Quebec managed to legalize online gambling, opening a new era in the history of Canadian Gambling.

Canadian Slots Gambling

The popularity of online slots is mostly surprising with the online casinos, as those games were not so popular in the real casinos. However, the appetite for those games was acknowledged by Cryptologic and Microgaming, as those companies are hurrying to release some great slots games exclusively for the Canadian casinos. On some casinos like AllSlots and JackpotCity, the servers are crushing from time to time because of high Canadian traffic. The progressive jackpot hunters also appeared, and the casinos are more than happy to release some great offers for Canadian players.

It is not so hard to be successful with a Canadian casino site. The market is far from covered; therefore, any kind of casino is successful now. Unfortunately, we are also talking about fake Canadian sites having tremendous success because of the Canadian player's lack of experience. Even if the regulations are strict and every webmaster holding such a casino will be severely punished, the mirage of quick and easy earnings attracts many opportunists, therefore you must think twice before opening an account with a Canadian site.

Canadian slots games

At the moment, the Canadian players are only trying to learn the basics of the slots games. Therefore, they are inclined to play the simple slots games based on 3-reel, 1 pay line concept. This is great news for Microgaming, a company having a huge offer of those games, but is a delicate matter for Cryptologic, a company that is mostly based on modern slots machines with more than 20 pay lines. As the experience of Canadian players is rising, the advanced slots games such as Cleopatra and The Nile Treasure are also beginning to have faithful customers. With the introduction of special Canadian Progressive Jackpot, the popularity of those games is expected to rise.


In this wild developing process of the Canadian Gambling sites, it seems like the casino sites are only trying to make profits. However, it is obvious that the Canadian players would also need a betting strategy and culture. This culture can only be created in years, and the beginning of this process would surely be a casino site offering a database with hints, tips, tricks, and guides. A site of this kind will surely be successful, and it will also contribute to the creation of the Canadian Gambling Culture. If you are a webmaster of a Canadian Casino, don't hesitate to place those documents on your site, in order to be the first on your niche.

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