The Most Interesting Craps Games Facts

Gambling entertainment has a very rich history and continues its development thick and fast. Some of the casino games lose their popularity, and the others, such as blackjack and slots, are still in the progress. One of the oldest and popular casino games is craps play. The game has a lot of admirers and we offer you a list of necessary craps facts to become one of them.

Craps Games Important Facts

  • The basic contest in the craps games is the attempt of the shooter to pass. The players are allowed to place the wager with the shooter (pass line bet) or against him/her (don't pass line wager). These two bets bring the 1, 4% house advantage.
  • The other two types of bets - come and don't come - are placed after the establishing of the point. They are independent from the shooter, but follow the same rules as the previous ones. They also give the 1, 4% house edge.
  • Odds are the additional bets, which possess the 0% house advantage and are the most convenient for gamblers.
  • It is possible to reduce the house edge by the adding odds bets to the flat bet.
  • There are also propositions bets, which are placed in the center of the table and are the worst for players. It is strongly recommended to avoid them.
  • Don't ever place big eight and big six wagers.
  • Always avoid the insurance bets - they are the most profitable casinos trick.
  • Before playing the craps learn its bets very attentively, as they are most confused in the game.
  • The only number after appearance of which the table is cleared, is 7. After this action the dice is given to the other gambler, and he/she becomes the shooter.
  • Don't try to cheat while playing craps, as there are 4 members of the casino staff, who control the game.

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