Blackjack Bonus

So, you are familiar with all the blackjack bonuses and rules. You already have a three or four months experience with online blackjack, and you decide that those small bets and boring free tables are not for you anymore. This means you are on your way to become a high roller, but you must know that the rules are somewhat different for those players.

Strategy for high rollers

Sure, it is great to start betting for some serious money. However, if you decide to become a high roller blackjack player with 100 dollars on your bankroll, you can be sure that your career will end up prematurely. Moreover, you will lose your appetite for playing also. The best idea is to start your high-class blackjack career with at least 1000 dollars on your bankroll.

Even in this scenario, it is advisable to bet only with 25 or less dollars for the start. See if the high betting role fits you, make sure you are wining more than you are betting and don't be afraid to go back to the low stakes blackjack tables if this kind of playing is not for you.

Secrets of high rolling

The casino treats a high roller in a different way. In fact, the casino software detects a player that bets more than the usual, therefore it changes the strategy accordingly. This won't mean that you will start to lose some serious money just because the casino is greedy.

In fact, the casino will start to give you some great earnings in order to make you to bet some more. Sure, you will also start to loose, but this will only happen after a while. If you are smart enough to "cheat" the casino software by betting small and high sums alternatively, the casino will never consider you a high roller, therefore your earnings would be preserved.

Special blackjack games

Some special kinds of blackjack are specially designed for high rollers. The common entrance fee for the majority of blackjack tables is 1 dollar or even less. For Lucky Lady Blackjack, as an example, the house won't let you to bet less than 5 dollars per game. You can't consider yourself a high roller with those stakes, but it is surely a beginning. Test your skills and abilities with this game, see if you are a winner on the overall, and raise your stakes accordingly.

Don't neglect bonuses and promotions. If you are betting with high sums for a while, you will be automatically qualified for the VIP program. This program will give you access to some high stakes tournaments, reserving you a spot on the blackjack hall of fame. We are talking about a different level of blackjack, a level where you can't apply those simple strategies from the free tables.

Blackjack Bonus

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